5 NFL Rookies From 2020 that Already Look Like STARS… and 5 that Look Like BUSTS

  • 2020.12.06
  • NFL
5 NFL Rookies From 2020 that Already Look Like STARS… and 5 that Look Like BUSTS

Here are the stars and busts from the 2020 NFL draft.

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It’s early, yes, but so far, the 2020 NFL Draft Class looks like one of the best in recent memory. You have three can’t-miss franchise quarterbacks, several elite offensive linemen, a handful of game-changing wide receivers and so many franchise cornerstone defensive players.

Of course, a handful of players from the 2020 Draft haven’t fully lived up to expectations yet. They can only hope for better luck in 2021 and beyond.

Before we start, let us emphasize that we aren’t here to say the players on this list will DEFINITELY be superstars or BUSTS.

Yes, we’ll probably be wrong on several of these, but This list is strictly based on what we’ve seen so far in the 2020 season.

Now, let’s dive into 5 rookies from 2020 that already look like stars…and five that look like busts.

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