2021 NFL Playoffs, but its decided by Madden

  • 2021.01.06
  • NFL
2021 NFL Playoffs, but its decided by Madden


2020 NFL Playoffs Predictions by Madden 21

100% correct 2020-2021 NFL Playoff Predictions with a SHOCKING Super Bowl Pick HERE: https://youtu.be/67GXvwZycAk

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2021 NFL Playoffs full bracket Predicted by Madden 21

Welcome to my Madden NFL 21 Experiment Gameplay walkthrough / playthrough series. In my Madden 21 Experiment series, we will be testing numerous things within the game throughout the year, seeing what crazy results and crazy things we will find within Madden 21 and its franchise mode. Today, we see 2020-2021 NFL Playoffs bracket Prediction by Madden 21 and who will win Super Bowl 55

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