NFL Playing Out of Position

  • 2021.02.26
  • NFL
NFL Playing Out of Position


0:00 WR Chad Johnnson playing Kicker
0:25 WR Randy Moss playing Safety
1:01 DE JJ Watt Playing Wide Reciver
1:21 WR Mohamed Sanu playing Quarterback
1:26 WR Kendall Hinton playing Quarterback
2:34 DT Ndomukong Suh playing Kicker
2:54 QB Ben Roethlisberger playing Punter
3:09 QB Tom Brady playing Wide Reciver
3:32 P Tom Tupa playing Quarterback
4:12 DT Dontari Poe playing Quarterback
4:26 QB Doug Flutie playing Kicker
4:58 TE Rob Gronkowski playing Safety