NFL Daily: Live News & Rumors + Q&A w/ Mitchell Renz (May 11)

  • 2022.05.12
  • NFL
NFL Daily: Live News & Rumors + Q&A w/ Mitchell Renz  (May 11)


NFL rumors to start out the live show around Odell Beckham Jr, Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Kwon Alexander, Larry Ogunjobi and Chuck Clark. NFL Daily host Mitchell Renz is also looking at the latest NFL free agency rumors and try to predict where James Bradberry, Jarvis Landry and Trey Flowers end up signing. Last NFL trade ideas around players like Deebo Samuel, Baker Mayfield, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trayvon Mullen and Kareem Hunt.

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Today’s NFL rumors and news:
– Green Bay Packers signing a WR like OBJ, Julio Jones or Jarvis Landry
– New York Jets interested in signing Kwon Alexander and Larry Ogunjobi
– Chuck Clark trade rumors, could the Ravens ship him away?

NFL Free Agency Predictions for:
– James Bradberry, CB
– Jarvis Landry, WR
– Trey Flowers, DE

NFL Trade ideas from Mitchell Renz today:
Trade Idea #1
– Falcons Receives: Deebo Samuel (WR)
– 49ers Receives: 2023 1st Round, 2023 2nd Round, 2024 1st Round Pick

Who wins the trade? ATL | SF

Trade Idea #2
– Texans Receives: Baker Mayfield (QB)
– Browns Receives: Texans 2023 6th Round Pick

Who wins the trade? HOU | CLE

Trade Idea #3
– Panthers Receives: Jimmy Garoppolo (QB)
– 49ers Receives: 2023 4th Round Pick & 2024 3rd Round Pick

Who wins the trade? 49ers | Panthers

Trade Idea #4
– Saints Receives: Kareem Hunt (RB)
– Browns Receives: 2023 5th Round Pick

Who wins the trade? Browns | Saints

Trade Idea #5
– Giants Receives: Trayvon Mullen (CB)
– Raiders Receives: 2023 5th Round Pick

Who wins the trade? LV | NYG

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