NFL Rumors On Kyler Murray & Deebo Samuel Holdouts, Robert Quinn Trade And Odell Beckham Latest

  • 2022.05.24
  • NFL
NFL Rumors On Kyler Murray & Deebo Samuel Holdouts, Robert Quinn Trade And Odell Beckham Latest


NFL Rumors focus on two significant players not at OTAs this week: Kyler Murray and Deebo Samuel. Both players have been the subject of NFL Trade Rumors and although these were expected absences, it does create drama around both the Cardinals and 49ers. We also discuss the latest on Odell Beckham, who could end up re-signing with the Rams.

NFL Trade Rumors are back beyond the Kyler Murray and Deebo Samuel trade rumors/ideas. Per CBS Sports, Robert Qunin wants to be traded from the Chicago Bears. Is that accurate and if so, what could the cost be in a trade?

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NFL Rumors Today:
Deebo Samuel “holdout”: future with 49ers?
Kyler Murray “holdout”: trade or pay the Cardinals QB?
OBJ returning to the Rams?
Robert Quinn Trade?

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