NFL Rumors On Jalen Ramsey Trade, Justin Fields Future, Derek Carr & Odell Bechkam Free Agency

  • 2023.02.27
  • NFL
NFL Rumors On Jalen Ramsey Trade, Justin Fields Future, Derek Carr & Odell Bechkam Free Agency


NFL rumors discussed on today’s NFL YouTube video by Chat Sports stem from players such as Jalen Ramsey, Justin Fields, Derek Carr and Odell Beckham Jr. Today’s NFL Daily is sponsored by Cultivate! Go to and download Cultivate FOR FREE.The Jalen Ramsey trade rumors surfaced because Tom Peliserro reported that the Los Angeles Rams are looking to move off of the All-Pro CB. We also touch on the recent Justin Fields rumors as he said on Pardon My Take that he would love to play for the Atlanta Falcons. The Derek Carr rumors continue as he has yet to sign with a team in 2023 NFL free agency. Host Tom Downey gives his thoughts on the recent NFL news and rumors on today’s edition of NFL Daily!

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NFL Fans – Who will trade for Jalen Ramsey?

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Jeremy Fowley on the Justin Fields trade rumors:
​​Now, Justin Fields, different scenario because the Bears have the No. 1 pick and most teams I’ve talked to do expect the Bears to keep Justin Fields,” Fowler said Sunday on SportsCenter. “They say, look, this is a player who kept them in games they had no business staying in last year. But, if they have a high ranking on Bryce Young or one of these quarterbacks, they could certainly look into it. The expectation is that they’d move out of that No. 1 pick, but we’ll see.

Teams connected to the OBJ rumors:
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Buffalo Bills

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Teams linked to the Derek Carr rumors:
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Carolina Panthers

Where will Derek Carr play in 2023?

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