NFL News, Rumors On Deshaun Watson, Kellen Mond, Justin Fields + Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft Reaction

  • 2021.04.08
  • NFL
NFL News, Rumors On Deshaun Watson, Kellen Mond, Justin Fields + Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft Reaction


NFL Live here with Chat Sports’ NFL Daily Host Mitchell Renz ready to talk about the latest NFL rumors and news. There will be plenty of discussion around the 2021 NFL Draft especially around players like Kellen Mond, Justin Fields and a team like the Atlanta Falcons. There were tons of Deshaun Watson trade rumors a few weeks ago, now what’s the latest on the Texans QB? Plus a reaction to NFL Network’s latest mock draft from Daniel Jeremiah.

NFL rumors on today’s episode are around 4 quarterbacks; Deshaun Watson, Kellen Mond, Justin Fields, and Jimmy Garoppolo. With Nike suspending their sponsorship and Beats by Dre dropping Watson as a sponsor, what’s next? Could the New England Patriots take Mond even though they brought back Cam Newton? Richard Sherman believes the 49ers are taking Justin Fields and not Mac Jones. But Sherman also believes that Jimmy G will be the starter no matter what.

Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft Reaction, Mitchell will go through all 32 first round picks and give his analysis. Find out where players like DeVonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, Penei Sewell, Trey Lance fell in this mock.

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