Meet The 10 Biggest CHOKERS In NFL History

  • 2021.06.09
  • NFL
Meet The 10 Biggest CHOKERS In NFL History


Here are the biggest choke jobs in the NFL.

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Part of the reason NFL fans love watching the sport—is the elite standard for performance in crunch time. It is the name of the game in the NFL…

Whether it is coaching or playing… There is something indescribably exciting about watching an individual rise to the occasion and deliver with the game on the line.

The star quarterback leading the team down the field for a game winning drive… The wide receiver leaping up in the back corner of the end zone for a game sealing touchdown.

You know the moments.

Conversely—there is something equally jaw dropping about a good old fashioned CHOKE JOB. And there have been a few guys over the years that have had more than their fair share of chokes.
Without further adu, let’s take a look back at 10 of the BIGGEST CHOKERS in NFL history!

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