Ben Shapiro LOSES IT Over NFL Gay Football Ad

  • 2021.07.01
  • NFL
Ben Shapiro LOSES IT Over NFL Gay Football Ad


Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro is really mad at the NFL now that football is officially gay. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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Football is supposed to be super CIS and super rough and tumble and this is the way that many of us in the United States begin to you know show our our bona fides to the women in our lives through football through our watching of the football through our cheering on of our football teams it’s a way that we show our virility uh to the um the the sex that came from our rib and uh here is ben shapiro um pretty upset about what’s going on with the nfl and it does come down to things like what you see in your daily life pissing you off right it does come down to things like the nfl for example putting out full-scale commercials saying football is gay you know let’s be real about this football is football it’s not gay it’s not straight football is just football the hell does the nfl have to say about sexual politics when you turn on a game typically it’s because you wish to watch people play football not because you wish to watch the nfl socially message about any particular social issue whether you’re talking about hands up don’t shoot which was a lie or whether you’re talking about homosexuality and politics what patriotism and yet this is what the nfl is pushing because they feel the cultural momentum from the left what they don’t understand is sooner or later there’s going to be a backlash and it’s going to be quite ugly against a lot of the same institutions that have been re-normalized on behalf of radicals most americans have been apathetic about these sorts of issues the harder the left pushes the more the backlash is going to be the greater the backlash is the more polarized the country becomes there is no apathetic middle anymore you will not be allowed to be apathetic you will not be allowed to say things like i don’t care what the nfl sexual politics is i just want to watch football that in and of itself will be evidence of your discriminatory nature here’s the nfl ad a positive form i just want to say i just want to stop right here for a second because there’s a lot that he likes to talk very quickly the idea that most people have been apathetic about gay people in this country it may be true in the past like two years or 16 minutes or whatever it is but um it was 15 years ago where uh the republican president got onto national televisions talked about passing a an amendment to the constitution to prevent gay people from marrying maybe ben shapiro has not been aware of the culture surrounding football for at least his lifetime and certainly mine um and as far as i know when you watch the football game when you actually watch the game you you don’t have to make a a statement as to your sexual politics or whatever he called it the fact that the nfl there’s some compulsory end zone dances sam that are very going to be very unfortunate

exactly um when the lawsuit is brought and you need to you need to have um uh more uh gay sex um uh football end zone uh dances then that’s gonna be that’s when the backlash is going to be coming listen if you backlash against a and what was it what was it just came out in terms of uh the nfl was that they had they were arguing that there was um i can’t remember the name of it now but the the that um that uh black people’s iqs were lower that therefore that was evidence that um uh black players had not suffered uh brain damage from uh football that was just coming out now i’m sure race norming i’m sure shapiro did a long-winded um diatribe against that nfl practice because that’s actual like i don’t know uh white supremacy politics that has had a material impact on uh black people who’ve played football but the level of material impact on americans or any folks of any nationality who want to watch football and they’re advertising and attempting to normalize the idea that football players can be gay because here’s this is news flash.