Lets’s Have a Laugh at Every NFL Team’s WORST Draft Pick Ever! LOL!

  • 2021.08.20
  • NFL
Lets’s Have a Laugh at Every NFL Team’s WORST Draft Pick Ever! LOL!


All 32 NFL Teams worst draft picks ever.

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The NFL Draft is far from a perfect science. Football is such a system-oriented sport—that even if a team correctly picks the most talented player—it is still entirely possible that they don’t end up with the right coaches to maximize their ability.

There are, however, some draft picks that were so reprehensibly bad that it truly did not matter what team they were selected by.

The kind of picks that had bust written all over them from the jump… So… Let’s take a look back at every NFL team’s WORST draft pick ever—and we offer our apologies in advanced if this triggers any diehard fans out there!

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