10 Backup NFL QBs Who Had LEGENDARY Playoff Performances

  • 2022.01.21
  • NFL
10 Backup NFL QBs Who Had LEGENDARY Playoff Performances


Here are the greatest NFL backup quarterback performances in a playoff game.

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In the NFL – quarterbacks are kings.

They get paid the most money, they get the most attention from fans and the media, I mean, the game is officiated completely different for them compared to the rest of the positions.

And because they are so integral to the success of a franchise, teams will do anything to get a star quarterback—and they are devastated if their starter goes down with an injury.

So much so that the second it happens—most fans and teams alike assume that their season is over.

But over the years, we have seen a few backup quarterback overcome the odds and deliver EPIC performances in the postseason.

Let’s take a look back at 10 of the most legendary outings

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