Antonio Brown on longtime feud with RC, NFL Exits, Tom Brady, Kanye & what team is next |The Pivot

  • 2022.03.09
  • NFL
Antonio Brown on longtime feud with RC, NFL Exits, Tom Brady, Kanye & what team is next |The Pivot


With all the recent interviews and media surrounding Antonio Brown, the conversation today as he joins The Pivot is raw, real and honest as it comes. 

Antonio Brown clears the air with Ryan, talks about his NFL exits, gratitude for Tom Brady, relationship with Kanye, what’s next for him as he looks to make his NFL return with sights set on Dallas as a possible home. 

Sitting down for the first time since their longtime feud, Ryan And AB talk about how their once close friendship as teammates fizzled into years of animosity. Ryan shares his side as AB fires back on his thoughts of what went wrong- Claiming the other guys on team were jealous of his contract as a young player, Ryan pushes back that no one cared about the money, they were bothered when AB felt like he was the team and the final straw was his aggression towards HOF coach Dick Lebeau. The two hash it out and then go into Tampa situation and why other quarterbacks should trust AB in the future, referencing how it ended with Big Ben and Tom Brady.

AB immediately shares his gratitude for Tom Brady and upmost respect for him changing his life and giving him a chance when he was in a dark place but says he can’t control what the organization does.

AB relies on Ryan to back him up on how only the ones in Pittsburgh knew how Bruce Arians treated him back then and how it carried over to Tampa years later. “Only you and I know what it was like…”

Fred comes from a different point recalling their training days together and how much talent AB showed and how he’s always been one of his favorite players. 

Channing can’t help himself as he dives into the female topic and asks AB what really went on the night before NY game with the girl which leads into a conversation about relationships, sex before games as AB tells him he is a different breed!

AB opens up about his plans for the future and upcoming surgery, his music career, business relationship with Kanye and why Dallas may be a good home for him.

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