10 Major Draft BUSTS Who Could Succeed On A NEW Team….

  • 2022.04.05
  • NFL
10 Major Draft BUSTS Who Could Succeed On A NEW Team….


Here are NFL busts that could definitely succeed on a new team right now.

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Jim Plunkett is the golden example of how a big-time NFL draft bust can turn out great if he lands with a new team at the right time.

The New England Patriots drafted Plunkett first overall in 1971. He was a massive flop in Foxborough, and after a brief stint in San Francisco, Plunkett moved on to the Raiders—where he was able to turn things around and win two Super Bowl championships.

Several recent NFL draft busts already look like they won’t pan out with their current teams. But these 10 guys just might have a Plunkett-like redemption story if they get a fresh start with a new team.

And a big shout out to Stick Gorilla for suggesting a similar idea that inspired this video!.

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