NFL Daily: Live News & Rumors + Q&A w/ Tom Downey (May 4)

  • 2022.05.10
  • NFL
NFL Daily: Live News & Rumors + Q&A w/ Tom Downey (May 4)


NFL Daily is live once again with all the latest NFL Rumors and NFL News. James Bradberry has finally been released by the New York Giants and he’s now one of the top free agents left in NFL Free Agency. We’ve got some James Bradberry destinations and some major NFL Trade Rumors on big names like Jimmy Garoppolo and Saquon Barkley! Join host Tom Downey for all the latest on the NFL!

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NFL rumors continue around the uncertain future of Baker Mayfield. The Cleveland Browns have tried to trade him, but no one has wanted to take on his hefty contract (for now). So will the Browns eat some of his salary to help a trade? Or could they just cut him outright? We look at the top Baker Mayfield destinations in today’s video!

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NFL Rumors on today’s show:
James Bradberry finally cut
Saquon Barkley Trade?
Rob Gronkowski Future?
Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Latest?

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Get in the live chat and answer today’s top questions:
Shout-out your favorite team!
Will the 49ers trade Jimmy G? Type ‘T’ for Trade and Type ‘K’ for Keep
Who will sign James Bradberry?
What will the Browns do with Baker? Type ‘C’ for Cut, Type ‘T’ for Trade and Type ‘W’ for Wait
Name a player you want your team to sign!

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