NFL Rumors: Baker Mayfield Or Jimmy Garoppolo Trade To Panthers? OBJ To Saints? Nick Foles To Colts?

  • 2022.05.16
  • NFL
NFL Rumors: Baker Mayfield Or Jimmy Garoppolo Trade To Panthers? OBJ To Saints? Nick Foles To Colts?


NFL Rumors today are focused on the latest NFL trade rumors. Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo have been at the forefront of the latest NFL rumors as the quarterback trade buzz has picked back up. Deshaun Watson is replacing Baker Mayfield on the Cleveland Browns and it is very apparent that there are intentions of a Baker Mayfield trade to happen. Jimmy G has also been in-and-out of the NFL trade rumors as the 49ers trade rumors seem to never slow down. The Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers have been linked to the Baker Mayfield rumors, but will a trade actually happen? Tom Downey takes a look at possible Baker Mayfield destinations and Jimmy Garoppolo trade destinations in today’s NFL rumors YouTube video!

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NFL Rumors In Today’s Video:
– Jimmy Garoppolo Or Baker Mayfield trade to the Carolina Panthers
– Odell Beckham Jr. Saints Rumors
– Nick Foles to the Colts?

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Answer the following questions about today’s NFL rumors:
– Pick a QB: Type ‘BM’ for Baker Mayfield and Type ‘JG’ for Jimmy Garoppolo
– Who starts Week 1 QB for the Panthers?
– Who will sign OBJ?
– Will the Colts sign Nick Foles? Type ‘1’ for Yes or Type ‘0’ for No

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