NFL Cut Candidates: 6 Players Who Could Be Released After June 1st Ft. Deion Jones & Chris Carson

  • 2022.05.29
  • NFL
NFL Cut Candidates: 6 Players Who Could Be Released After June 1st Ft. Deion Jones & Chris Carson


NFL cut candidates look at some big name players that could be cut by their respective teams after June 1st. Quarterback continues to be a position of conversation with the likes of Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo still out on the market. Could they end up being cut by the Browns and 49ers respectively? What does the future hold for players like Deion Jones, Dee Ford and Chris Carson? Chat Sports host Tom Downey breaks it all down in today’s NFL cut candidates video featuring the latest NFL rumors!

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NFL Cut Candidates:
– Deion Jones (LB, Falcons)
– Dee Ford (DE, 49ers)
– Chris Carson (RB, Seahawks)
– Baker Mayfield (QB, Browns)
– Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, 49ers)
– Ke’Shawn Vaughn (RB, Bucs)

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