MAJOR NFL Rumors On Deshaun Watson Investigation, Russell Wilson Contract & Rob Gronkowksi Future?

  • 2022.06.06
  • NFL
MAJOR NFL Rumors On Deshaun Watson Investigation, Russell Wilson Contract & Rob Gronkowksi Future?


NFL News and rumors focus on two big-name QBs: Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson. The Watson investigation appears to be finished, according to Watson’s attorney, so a decision on his suspension should be coming soon? Meanwhile, the other superstar QB traded this offseason in Russell Wilson wants a MASSIVE new contract. Or have the Broncos and Wilson not actually held any talks? Finally, what do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers think Rob Gronkowksi will do? Play or retire?

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The Deshaun Watson investigation by the NFL appears to be over. Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, says the NFL has finished interviewing Watson and the investigation is wrapping up. That means a decision is expected to come soon from the NFL over the sexual assault and misconduct allegations and lawsuits Watson is currently facing. Although a grand jury declined to charge Watson, the lawsuit total is now up to 23, with a 24th also expected to come.

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NFL News and Rumors on today’s show:
Deshaun Watson investigation over?
Russell Wilson extension coming?
Rob Gronkowski’s future?

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