Predicting Which 10 Big Time NFL Stars Will Be Traded NEXT…

  • 2022.06.08
  • NFL
Predicting Which 10 Big Time NFL Stars Will Be Traded NEXT…


Here are NFL Stars that can get traded very soon.

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There was a time when blockbuster NFL trades only happened every so often. But things have changed drastically over these last five years – especially since the start of the 2021 offseason.

Just look at all the big-named players who’ve swapped teams – especially at quarterback and wide receiver. I mean, 2022 alone saw Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Khalil Mack, AJ Brown, Deshaun Watson, Marquise Brown AND Amari Cooper all change teams.

The bottom line: NFL blockbuster trades are a lot more common now, and that trend is here to stay. So let’s embrace it with our predictions for which 10 NFL stars will be traded NEXT.

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