HUGE NFL Rumors On DK Metcalf, Jimmy Garoppolo And Baker Mayfield Trades + Lamar Jackson Holdout?

  • 2022.06.13
  • NFL
HUGE NFL Rumors On DK Metcalf, Jimmy Garoppolo And Baker Mayfield Trades + Lamar Jackson Holdout?


NFL Rumors today are focused on several NFL trade rumors! What does the future hold for notable NFL players like Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo: A trade or a release? Lamar Jackson is one of the young NFL QBs due for a massive new contract, but he hasn’t had one done yet. What is going on with Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens? And finally, will the Seattle Seahawks pay or trade DK Metcalf? Find out on today’s NFL Daily with host Tom Downey!

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NFL Rumors today:
Jimmy Garoppolo Trade?
Baker Mayfield Latest?
DK Metcalf Trade?
Lamar Jackson Drama?

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ESPN report: Most likely destination for Jimmy Garoppolo is the Panthers and the most likely destination for Baker Mayfield is the Seahawks. There were also 4 other teams linked: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings.

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Head into the comments to answer today’s questions:
Pick a QB: Type ‘JG’ for Jimmy Garoppolo and Type ‘BM’ for Baker Mayfield
Will the Ravens & Lamar get a deal done this offseason? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No
What will Seattle do with DK Metcalf? Type ‘T’ for Trade, Type ‘P’ for Pay and Type ‘W’ for Wait

ESPN’s Dan Graziano on the futures of Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield: “The majority of the people to whom I spoke for this story believe both players will likely end up being released. A couple of people thought Garoppolo might still draw trade interest, provided an acquiring team could work out something to knock down the salary or spread it out over a couple of years.”

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An unnamed NFL exec tossed out a wild NFL Trade idea to ESPN: “Why not trade them for each other? San Fran saves some money, Cleveland gets a better backup option than Brissett. Baker gets to work with Kyle [Shanahan] for a year and be next year’s [Mitchell] Trubisky.”

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Here’s what Pete Carroll had to say about a DK Metcalf extension: “These are crucial weeks to get something done and we’ll see what happens and hope that we can work something out. [We’ve] really intend to get that done.”

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has 3 theories on the Lamar Jackson drama. Here they are:
Possibility No. 1: He wants out of Baltimore.
Possibility No. 2: He wants the Ravens to offer him a market-setting contract without the burden of negotiation.
Possibility No. 3: He doesn’t know what he wants.

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The Top 5 Highest Paid QBs per year:
Aaron Rodgers: $50.27 million
Deshaun Watson: $46.00 million
Patrick Mahomes: $45.00 million
Josh Allen: $43.00 million
Derek Carr: $40.47 million

Top 5 highest paid WRs:
Tyreek Hill: $30.00 million
Davante Adams: $28.00 million
DeAndre Hopkins: $27.25 million
Cooper Kupp: $26.17 million
A.J. Brown: $25.00 million

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