OTA & Minicamp Whispersssss

  • 2022.06.22
  • NFL
OTA & Minicamp Whispersssss


A virtual room filled with some heroes – Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler and Gregg Rosenthal bring you a round-up of all the rumors, reports, and whissspersss from OTAs and minicamps around the league (10:40). The heroes make an effort to mention all 32 teams, some highlights: the Colts players and coaches have heaped praise on Matt Ryan – maybe a little too much praise (13:40); the Cowboys (and Texans) were fined for violating the physicality rules of OTAs (24:40); the 49ers’ beat writers seem pretty convinced that Jimmy Garoppolo will be traded at some point (37:00); and Marcus Davenport had a large portion of his pinky amputated (41:45). We also get breaking news with the retirement of Rob Gronkowski (1:02:00).

Note: timecodes approximate.