The 10 UGLIEST Jerseys In The NFL Right Now…

  • 2022.07.18
  • NFL
The 10 UGLIEST Jerseys In The NFL Right Now…


Here are the ugliest jerseys in the NFL today.

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When it comes to the best-looking NFL jerseys right now, the New Orleans Saints’ black and gold, the Green Bay Packers’ green and yellow, the Las Vegas Raiders’ black and silver and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ black and gold unis all come to mind.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have some hideous, out-of-date uniforms that the teams who wear them should be downright embarrassed about… Those are the uniforms we’ll be concentrating on today…

Whether it’s a team’s main home jersey, their away kit, or some alternate or a color rush uniform, these are the 10 ugliest jerseys in the NFL right now.

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