2022 Best and Worst NFL Alternate Uniforms – Ranked – NFL Throwback and Alternate Uniforms

  • 2022.07.25
  • NFL
2022 Best and Worst NFL Alternate Uniforms – Ranked – NFL Throwback and Alternate Uniforms


In the week since I did a video going over all of the NFL alternate uniforms, the amount of alternate and throwback uniform combinations has almost tripled. Because of that strange irony, I feel the need to do an update on a video that’s only a week old. With that today I’ll be ranking all NFL throwback/alternate helmets and jerseys for the 2022 season. Before we get started I’d like to encourage you to subscribe for more NFL news, history, and everything in between. Alright let’s get started.
We’ll be dividing the list up into two rankings, one for throwback uniform combinations and the other for alternate uniforms. For throwback uniforms we have the Giants, Cowboys, Patriots, and Falcons all rocking throwback uniforms for the upcoming season.
For the fourth place and worst looking throwbacks of the upcoming season we have to give it to the Falcons. Their uniforms are already incredibly busy and having white pants, black jerseys, a red helmet with black, gold, and white stripes is just too much. I think a combination of the red helmet with an all black uniform would give the combination a more streamlined look. Hopefully these uniforms aren’t here to stay.
For third place on the list I’m giving it to the New York Giants. The Giants are bringing back their 1980s uniforms, with Giants scrawled across the helmet instead of the typical NY logo. I’m honestly a fan of this combo and I’m excited to see it on the field. This is definitely one I hope they keep in their rotation for years to come. It’s only this low on the list because of how incredibly strong the next two uniforms are.
Number two on the list goes to the Dallas Cowboys throwback navy and white uniforms. We haven’t seen this combination since Tony Romo was playing QB for the team. The look is incredibly clean, and will be making an appearance on the high profile Thanksgiving day game. I’m a huge fan of these uniforms and again hope they keep this Thanksgiving tradition going for years to come with the new helmet rule.
For number one on the throwback list, you probably guessed it already. I’ve gotta give it to the New England Patriots and their new..old Pat the Patriot uniforms. The red white and blue uniform with white helmet is incredible to look at. I can’t wait to see what these look like on the field. As a Colts fan I have a built in dislike of the Patriots but even I can admit these uniforms look great. I hope to see these uniforms as much as possible on the field this year. Imagine if they made these their permanent uniforms again…
With the throwbacks taken care of, let’s take a look at the growing list of alternate uniforms. Black helmet and jersey combinations are in this year, with the majority of these helmets going for a stealth black look. Some nailed the landing, and others need a bit of work.
For 8th place on the alternate list I have to give it to the New Orleans Saints. These alternate helmets are too busy, and too big of a step away from their traditional gold helmets. If it didn’t have the mini logo pattern down the middle as a stripe I would have been a bigger fan.
In 7th place we have the Washington Commanders black alternate domes. The helmet to me is boring. It looks like something a fake football team in some movie would wear. Adding a stripe or something else to break up the gloss black paint would go a long way in improving the design. Taking the team away from Dan Snyder would help as well.
Number 6 on the list goes to the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards have some of the most outdated uniforms in the NFL. While I appreciate the effort to mix up the look, switching the helmet from white to black is just boring. I’ll be interested to see what uniform combo the team pairs the helmet with, but for now it’s a no from me.
Number 6 on the list is the Philadelphia Eagles all black alternate helmets. I like the wings on the black. It’s incredibly clean and sleek. I hope they pair these with their all black jerseys, for a complete midnight black look. These are only this low due to the intense competition from other teams alternate uniforms.
I may get a lot of flack for this but at Number 5 I’m putting the New York Jets throwback uniforms. The green text on the black helmet really pops out. They’ll be pairing these helmets with their black and green uniforms. While the uniform may not age well overtime, for now its a modern looking combination that really stands out.
For Number 4 on the list I’ve gotta give it to the Chicago Bears. I’m ranking them this high partly because of the risk they’re taking with an all orange helmet. The Bears have never worn a helmet like this, but I think its a fun bold look to add to the rotation.They’ll be pairing it with their orange jersey and white pants. While some are saying it looks like a knockoff of the University of Illinois, I like the combination.