10 Former NFL Top 10 Picks it’s Time to Give Up On

  • 2022.09.02
  • NFL
10 Former NFL Top 10 Picks it’s Time to Give Up On


No more hope for these highly drafted first rounders.

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We have seen a number of teams intentionally tanking for high draft picks in recent years – largely
because they believe that they can get a franchise altering talent with a top 10 draft pick.

Unfortunately—not every team’s race to the bottom pans out—and sometimes they end of with a dud of a pick that either flames out immediately or hangs on for a few years but never lives up to expectations…which can be an even more painful experience for the fans!

Because, let’s face it, a true diehard fan never knows when it’s time to give up on a player. That’s why
we’re here to give those fans a reality check.

Let’s take a look at 10 former first round picks that it is time to pull the plug and give up on!

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