Dallas Cowboys 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft – What If The Cowboys Draft Bijan Robinson?

  • 2023.02.20
  • NFL
Dallas Cowboys 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft – What If The Cowboys Draft Bijan Robinson?


Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft SZN is here as we are less than 3 months away from the 2023 NFL Draft and Today’s Cowboys Report is sponsored by Vincero! Get 20% off + Free Shipping with Vincero Collective with promo code CHAT at https://vincerocollective.com/chat. This Cowboys 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft features Dallas selecting Bijan Robinson in the first round with pick #26. The Cowboys drafted defensive playmaker Deonte Banks in round 2 of this Cowboys mock. In this 2023 Cowboys 7-round mock draft the Cowboys selected 5 offensive players and 4 defensive players. Dallas Cowboys Report host Tom Downey runs through his latest 7 round Cowboys Mock Draft in today’s video!

Round 1, Pick #26 OVR – Round 1, Pick #26 OVR: Bijan Robinson (RB, Texas)
Round 2, Pick #58 OVR – Deonte Banks (CB, Maryland)
Round 3, Pick #90 OVR – Tucker Kraft (TE, South Dakota State)
Round 4, Pick #129 OVR – Tyler Scott (WR, Cincinnati)
Round 5, Pick #163 OVR – McClendon Curtis (OL, Chattanooga)
Round 5, Pick #170 OVR – Dorian Williams (LB, Tulane)
Round 5, Pick #176 OVR – Karl Brooks (DL, Bowling Green)
Round 6, Pick #213 OVR – Dylan Horton (EDGE, TCU)
Round 7, Pick #246 OVR – Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB, UCLA)

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Bijan Robinson NFL Draft Scouting Report:
– Top 5 Prospect
– Instant impact player
– Likely best guy on the board
– Lower value position
– RB class is deep this year
– Do you give him a 2nd contract?

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