NFL Week 14 Predictions

  • 2020.12.10
  • NFL
NFL Week 14 Predictions

The playoff race is heating up and so are predictions. Jade & I return to break down all week 14 games in the NFL.


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0:00 Intro
2:17 Patriots vs Rams
4:14 Titans vs Jaguars
5:17 Vikings vs Buccaneers
6:18 Chiefs vs Dolphins
7:01 Broncos vs Panthers
7:43 Texans vs Bears
9:05 Cardinals vs Giants
10:10 Cowboys vs Bengals
10:54 Colts vs Raiders
11:54 Jets vs Seahawks
12:49 Packers vs Lions
13:33 Falcons vs Chargers
14:06 Washington vs 49ers
15:25 Saints vs Eagles
16:18 Steelers vs Bills
17:29 Ravens vs Browns