10 Starting Quarterbacks In DANGER Of LOSING Their Jobs in 2022…

  • 2022.06.05
  • NFL
10 Starting Quarterbacks In DANGER Of LOSING Their Jobs in 2022…


Here are Starting QBs that will lose their jobs in 2022.

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Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert… These are just a few of the many NFL quarterbacks who don’t need to worry about their job security.

Nobody on the QB depth chart is breathing down the necks of these guys. They can rest easy, knowing that as long as they’re healthy, they’ll be under center.

The same cannot be said for EVERY NFL quarterback currently sitting atop their team’s depth chart, though. For whatever reason, these 10 starting QBs are in danger of losing their jobs at some point during the 2022 NFL season…or maybe even before then

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